Writing Videos

In this series of eighteen videos, David Matteson describes the purpose and use of tools to support the emergent writer as well as demonstrating his effective strategy of modeling writing to students Prek-3rd grade. You will learn about the Early Writing Continuum and how this tool can be used to access student levels of fine motor and oral language Preschool Boyand how it can support the intentional teacher in setting learning goals and next steps for student instruction. David demonstrates the practice of explicitly guiding student learning with the use of writing journals in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

You will observe how standards based  grade level expectations are taught across  PreK-3rd grades  through the effective use of modeling the writing process, guided writing practice and independent student activities; and will observe first-hand  how student engagement can be cultivated and maintained.

 In each grade level a specific focus or “big idea” is clearly demonstrated, beginning with a focus on basic shapes and the elements of narrative; all the way to the incorporation of similes, metaphors and organizational structures such as paragraphing. Each of the live recorded demonstrations is followed by a discussion video in which teachers have an opportunity to reflect on the practices they have just observed.