Introduction Videos

Young Girl with backpackIn this series of seven videos, David Matteson presents his views on the foundational skills of literacy development including a critical focus on comprehension, strong reading/writing connections, stages of development, use of assessments and strategies for effectively teaching standards based reading and writing to PreK-3rd grade students.

He describes the importance of a targeted early focus on oral language and fine motor skills and the importance of play and other developmentally appropriate activities as a means to develop these competencies. He details the value of personal narrative as a vehicle for creating strong connections to our students and describes the elements of expository text structures of opinion, information and explanation. He relates how his theory has been heavily influenced by the literacy research of Marie Clay, Vivian Paley, Sylvia Ashton Warner, Margaret Mooney and J. Richard Gentry as well as by the child development experts Vygotsky, Piaget and Erickson.