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  • Early literacy development is hugely important

  • Examine the big ideas behind emergent literacy

  • Early literacy is the basis for future learning

  • Retool the approach to teaching PreK-3rd grade literacy

Foundations in Literacy

with David Matteson

How do children become successful readers and writers?  What do teachers need to understand and do in order to best support emergent literacy?   What role does child development play?

Just as the child who learns to skip must first progress through stages that start with learning to stand and to walk, the child who is a successful reader and writer has developed a rich oral language.

Early literacy development is hugely important.  It is the basis for future learning and sets the tone for how children feel about themselves as readers and writers.  In order to assure that all children enter school with the skills and attitudes they need to be successful, it is critical to address emergent literacy development.

David MattesonAs educators, we also know that children have a tremendous capacity for learning and that this learning must be consistent with their development. As teachers of young children, we must understand the role of development as it relates to a child’s present set of behaviors, and also as it relates to what is coming next, so that we can know that we are truly preparing him for success.

This website features a series of educational videos based on the work of David Matteson.  These videos examine the “big ideas” behind emergent literacy development and provide classroom examples of instructional approaches and assessment strategies that are grounded in developmentally appropriate practice.  David was filmed while doing what he does best, which is working directly with children and teachers.  You will see his engaging presentations, classroom demonstrations and meetings with teachers as they reflect on how his approaches work within their own classrooms.

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