Resource Materials

Assessing and Teaching Beginning ReadersDavid Matteson and Deborah Freeman wrote the books Assessing and Teaching Beginning Readers and Assessing and Teaching Beginning Writers Assessing and Teaching Beginning Writers in an attempt to more fully support the prekindergarten and kindergarten teachers they were working with.  

Assessing and Teaching Beginning WritersTo further develop teachers' understanding of the emergent student, David developed The Emergent Reading Assessment (ERA) as an assessment tool for emergent readers between the ages of 3 and 5.  The ERA easily and appropriately measures a child’s concept of story and print.   

Emergent Reading AssessmentWith My Pictures and Stories, David has also created a journal for emergent writers. These Yellow Books  provide a dedicated space for children to develop as writers and to master the pencil. There is also space for teacher modeling as well as note-taking in order to record the strengths and next learning steps for students. 

My Pictures and Stories comes with a Teaching Guide that walks teachers through how to use journals to assess a child’s developmental progress as a writer and a place to guide new learning.  The downloadable teacher's guide and My Pictures and Stories can be purchased from R.C. Owen Publishers, Inc.

My pictures and storiesIf you would like more information on available resources, or assistance locating the resources written by David Matteson and Deborah Freeman, please contact the Program Administrator.  These books are excellent supplements to the materials discussed in the videos and workshops.